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Group Strength & Conditioning 1 visit freePlan available for CAD$280

CrossFit/Fitness offers you either a CrossFit WOD (workout of the Day) or a Fitness WOD of high intensity, constantly varied, both of which are one hour in length. CrossFit/Fitness allows you to also sign up for other classes such as Weightlifting, Kick Boxing, and Holiday Throwdowns.

Open Gym Plan available for CAD$280A credit card is required to enroll but isn't charged until the time of service.

Open Gym offers you an hour to work on whatever movements/skills you would like and/or work on the WOD. Geared towards long time members that are able to workout with limited coaching.

Weightlifting 1 visit freePlan available for CAD$280

Our Weightlifting classes are coached by competitive weightlifters who are constantly training, lifting, and competing. All of our weightlifting instructors have multiple certifications from NCCP L1 & L2 to CrossFit Weightlifting and CrossFit Advanced lifting certifications. The major focus of these classes are to maximize your lifting potential in the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. Every class will be guided by a coach and modifications will be given to any athlete witht he goal of maximizing technique in part or as a complete lift. Now al I want to ask is "Do you even lift?"

Team Workout

Holiday Throwdowns are geared towards members and are scheduled for 2 hours of fun!

Starke Yoga 1 visit freeFrom CAD$10 per visit with Yoga Drop-In pass

Powerlifting 1 visit freePlan available for CAD$280

LunchFit CAD$15 per classFrom CAD$0 per visit with Starke Boot Camp Try Three Free passNo purchase required to enroll

Boot Camp CAD$125Purchase required to enroll


Starke Kids CAD$170Purchase required to enroll

Justins Booty Camp CAD$125Purchase required to enroll

2018 Weightlifting Provincials - Adult CAD$40Purchase required to enroll

2018 Weightlifting Provincials - Junior CAD$30Purchase required to enroll


Personal Training CAD$70 per appointmentFrom CAD$60 per visit with Personal Training Punch 20 passPurchase required to enroll

Personal Training / Skills Session 30 Min CAD$40 per appointmentNo purchase required to enroll