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Group Strength & Conditioning

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Our CrossFit/Fitness workouts are constantly varied and performed at high intensity relative to the individual and their current level of fitness. At Starke we put a major focus on technique and propper progressions for every athlete that we train. All of our coaches are here to help you get healthier, stronger, fitter, and get you doing more than you ever thought you could. Our Fitness workouts run parallel to the CrossFit workouts and will challenge you just as much with less technical movements. You will not find any Olympic lifts or overhead squats in these workouts.

At Starke the fun is in the workouts, the science is in the programming, and the strength is in our commmunity. Starke has a reputation all over the city for being the loudest and supportive community around. If you're just getting off the couch or wanting to compete at a higher level in any sport we are here to help you with your goals.

When you purchase a monthly membership it will allow you to sign in to any CrossFit/Fitness, Boxing/Kickboxing, Weightlifting, Open Gym, and Holiday Throwdowns (holiday throwdowns are a group workout that does not count towards your weekly visit allowance).